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Portrait of Abraham Lincoln overlaying outline of the State of Illinois

2022 DeafBlind Midwest Transition Institute

The 2022 DeafBlind Midwest Transition Institute will be held in Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln."  Virtual activities will take place for all participants prior to the in-person event August 5-8, 2022 in Woodstock, Illinois. Some components will be completed virtually prior to and after the in-person event, and for those who prefer not to attend in-person, some additional  components will be available virtually.

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What will happen virtually?

Young adults who are DeafBlind will make progress toward their self-identified transition priorities by completing sections of a transition portfolio, interacting with other young adults and DeafBlind adult mentors from across the Midwest with a Talent Show and Games, and access accessible online presentations before and after the in-person event.  Parents and guardians will learn together about life after graduation and how to plan ahead.

What will happen in-person?

Young adults and their family chaperone will meet mentors who are DeafBlind, participate in meaningful conversations with peers, and plan for a future that is based on individual abilities, stregths, and dreams... and have fun while doing it!

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