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Thank you and Goodnight!

MTI thanks all the participants, mentors, State DeafBlind Projects, organizations, staff, and volunteers that have made this transition experience a success over the past five years.  Due to funding changes, MTI will no longer be supported and this website will be discontinued at the end of  2023.  Please contact your SDBP for transition and mentoring opportunities in your state.

Welcome to the Deaf-Blind Midwest Transition Institute (MTI)


What is MTI?

The Deaf-Blind Midwest Transition Institute, or MTI, is a group of midwestern State Deaf-Blind Projects sharing resources and efforts to provide transition-aged youth who are deaf-blind with an annual transition experience.  


Typical Events Include...

Interactions with Mentors

Adult mentors help the young adults become strong self-advocates by sharing their experiences and modeling how to set goals, request and accept help, and develop intrinsic motivation to actively plan for their future.

Creation of a Transition Portfolio

Young adults begin work on The About Me Transition Portfolio for Teenagers and Young Adults who are DeafBlind in advance of MTI.  This document is intended to guide the young person who is DeafBlind and their educational team, including parent(s)/guardian(s), in developing a vision for the future AND  a set of skills, experiences, and understandings that facilitate that vision.  Work on the portfolio continues throughout MTI in the months that follow it.

Connecting with Peers

Young adults attending MTI develop friendships by learning to listen to others and engage thoughtfully.  Attendees participate in activities to help establish relationships, which may include creating and viewing introductory videos, a talent show, games, and group experiences.

Skill building

Young adults learn transition skills related to their life plans while having fun.  Each MTI offers a unique program developed to build young adult skills in transition, self-determination, social interactions, and self-advocacy.


Parents and guardians learn about and prepare for life after their young adult's graduation.  



Activities have been in-person and virtual. Either way, young adults have learned about themselves while having fun!

Check out the groups from past years.

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A large group standing together. Everyone is wearing  blue shirts.
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A large group standing together. Everyone is wearing  gray shirts.


Tel. 630-790-2474

TTY/Voice 800-771-1158

818 DuPage Blvd. 
Glen Ellyn, IL  60137


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